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IPA AUDIT is an independent auditing firm providing auditing services in accordance with International Auditing Standards (IAS), Vietnam Auditing Standards (VAS), leading tax consulting and corporate financial consulting services in the region, with a team of highly trained personnel at home and abroad. We believe that we will bring you service satisfaction.

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Auditing financial statements according to VAS, IFRS. Auditing Report of Finalization of Completed Project

Providing professional tax accounting services, reasonable prices, with a team of experienced staff will meet all your requirements.

The report increases the reliability of users for the completed project settlement report and is the basis for the person competent to approve the final settlement to consider and approve the completed project settlement report.

Financial Review, Tax Review, Legal Review for Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

Tax review, help with tax authorities, tax savings planning.

IPA provides professional accounting and auditing training services, new open classes continuously, practiced on real data.

Dịch vụ lập báo cáo chuyển giá

The report allows our clients to analyze their economic transactions for preventive decision-making and cost corrections and cost optimization.

Along with long-term audit experience and grasping tax and customs risks, IPA provides consulting services, inspection, support to prepare customs finalization reports and explain import and export data in a timely manner effectively.

Why choose us
Why choose us
Outstanding service quality

With many years of experience in the auditing and accounting services industry, having served thousands of customers, IPA will bring you the best service quality.


A strong team of accountants and auditors are well-trained, responsible and enthusiastic


Service costs depend on the volume of work, but we always try to give our customers the best possible cost.

Best consulting for customers

We will advise customers on the best solutions and handling for the job


Thank you hundreds of customers for trusting our service

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