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IPA AUDIT is one of the leading independent audit firms accepted by Viet nam Ministry of Finance, State Securities Commission of Vietnam specializes in providing audit and consulting services, specifically as follows:

  • Audit & Assurance: Auditing financial statements according to International Auditing Standards (IAS) and Vietnamese Auditing Standards (IFRS)
  • Auditing construction: Service of audit the compliance and settlement of construction projects
  • Tax consulting service
  • Service of Reviewing Customs risk and Tax risk
  • Legal consulting services, business mergers and acquisitions
  • Book keeping services and Preparing financial statement
  • ...

Together with the strong growth of Vietnamese economy in both of public and private sectors, IPA AUDIT has Experienced Professional Experts, who participate in many high quality training courses so as to meet high requirements from our clients. Thanks to our early entry to the Vietnamese market with high professional employees, we are confident in our deep understanding and comprehensive knowledge of the Auditing and Finance System, Vietnamese Accounting, as well as government policies with respect to tax legislation, financial, investment procedures, custom procedures. In addition, IPA AUDIT works closely with Ministry of Finance advising on accounting policies and procedures in Vietnam.

IPA AUDIT ‘s client base covers a diverse range of industries and includes International Corporations, Multinational companies, the Foreign Direct Investment Companies (FDI), International Lending Organizations, , Charity bodies, Government bodies, Non-Government Organizations,…. Doing business in Vietnam many years gives us the stability background, well foresight and valuable close relationships necessary to carry out multi-disciplinary projects. In any case, IPA AUDIT has demonstrated our deep understanding of client expectations through our services quality and independence.

"IPA AUDIT is dedicated to providing the highest quality auditing, assurance services and consulting services to the international clients. Our slogen to assist clients to achieve their defined objectives, while ensuring that we simultaneously meet the growth aspirations of our people and the firm."

IPA AUDIT’s experts have many years of experience in auditing, management advisory and tax consulting for multinational companies, foreign invested companies (FDI) from different countries such as Japan, Korea, Chinese and the Netherlands.

We hope our services will contribute to the success of your business and meet your target. We would like to express our wishes to offer you not only professional auditing, assurance services, but also other specialized financial consulting services.


Thank you hundreds of customers for trusting our service

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